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Video Library

A full suite of training videos from our CATacademy, a trading training programme run through January 2021.


Intro to Trade School
Intro and Outline of Course
Introduction to Setups
Introduction for Beginners
Location and Setup
The Bigger Picture With Jur
Candlesticks and Volume with Jur
Market Structure with Lyno
Fibbs and Ganns with Jur
Osillators and Divergences
3TR and 382 BBQ Setups
Trading Rules of Engagement
How to use Reload Zones
Live Trading Setups
BB Stoch Divergences
Risk and Portfolio Management
Reversal and Breakout Trading
CT Trading Tools
Alts in relation to BTC
Live Trading with Lyno
BB Secretes and LTF Scalping
Kickstart a Trade
Candlesticks to Frame Entries
Reverse Williams HTF
Quick guide to FIBS,382 BBQ, RLZ
Heiken Ashi 1m Strategy
Exits: TP and TS indicators
Heiken Ashi 1m Strategy
Trading View Basics
Difference: Spot and Futures
SSL Channel Strategy
Getting Started with Trendlines
Trading Routine with Jur
Signals and Strategy with Lyno
Morning Routine with Jur
Jurs Ultra low TF pattern
CT Trading UI tutorial
Coins to Hold, Exit plans and More
How to Scalp using Heatmaps
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