CATX's native ERC20 token

Where to buy?

CATX is available to buy on the exchange Exmarkets or on Uniswap.

HODL Bounty Programme

We want to encourage CATX owners who have got in at the start to HODL, earn benefits for doing so, and enjoy the future growth of the CAT.Trade project.

As a result, we will be rewarding users with a share of all fees generated by during the month.

From 19th Feb to 20th May 2021, any CATX Holders who maintain their holdings in an ERC20 compatible wallet for 30 days continuously, will be eligible for these rewards.

Any amount of CATX holding will qualify for rewards - rewards are distributed pro-rata so the larger holders receive a larger share of the bounty pot.

In addition, for the first 90 days of this programme, we will add 5% extra CATX to your holdings every 30 days.

For a a full list of eligible ERC20 wallets, head to

For more information on CATX or for any questions to be answered, head to our Discord channel.


CATX will be integrated as a payment method for any subscriptions or premium products on

Payment in fiat currencies and alternative cryptocurrencies will be available, however any payments made in CATX will be discounted.

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