How to get started with Account

Register with at

Once confirmed, you'll be requested to make a ByBit account using our partner link, and then connect this to It's important that your account is created using our partner link, otherwise your account will not function properly.

Create your account, including email verification.

Once registered, you will need to navigate to Account & Security, where you will have to first of all enable a method of 2FA, either Google Authenticator or SMS.

Once 2FA is enabled, you will be permitted to create new API keys. These keys are what allow you to link to, so as you can action trades on our platform.

Navigate to Create New Key, choosing the following options:

  • API Key Usage - Binding to a Third-Party Application

  • Application Name -

  • Key Permission - Active Order and Positions

This will generate a new set of API keys for you. With this you will see:

  • A public API key

  • A private API key

The private API key is only shown on screen ONCE. If you do not copy and paste this somewhere for safe-keeping, you will have to generate a new set of API keys.

Do not let anyone else see or have access to this key - anyone that has access, has control of your funds.

No-one at will ever ask you for these keys.

You can now copy and paste these keys into the screen shown below, to successfully link your account.

Once connected, you'll have a blue tick next to Linked ByBit Account, as below.

Congratulations! You are now ready to start using

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